for Meeting Site Inspection


Before going on a meeting site inspection, you should have done your homework on the property to find whether or not it meets your meeting criteria. This includes meeting space, meeting equipment, sleeping rooms, and hotel amenities.


You should also know and have considered the following:


  •  Is the hotel planning any renovations? If so, when?
  • Is the property right for your meeting budget?
  • Are your preferred dates available for the meeting site?
  • Does the city the property is located have adequate airline travel for your out of town attendees?
  • Will other groups will be holding meetings at the property during your meeting? Who are they?
  • What are all the property taxes, service charges and gratuities involved in your meeting?
  • What is the charge for high-speed internet in the sleeping rooms and the meeting room?


It is also tempting to skip the site inspection due to time constraints, but actually seeing the property for yourself and talking with the staff can dramatically cut down your chances of running into unwanted surprises at the property.


When conducting an on-site inspection, you will want to consider many different factors.


The Property


  • Take a look around and ask yourself about the condition and security of the property.
  • What is the condition of the property on the inside, as well as the outside? Are the grounds well maintained?
  • Is it safe for attendees to walk around the outside of the property?
  • Does the venue have proper lighting for walking around outside at night?
  • Are security officers present, especially at night?
  • If there is a pool, is it in working order? What are the hours of operation?


The Staff


Take a few minutes and watch the staff in all areas of the hotel and notice how they interact with guests. Guests should be greeted with warmth and a smile by all employees ranging from the doorman to the front desk staff, to housekeeping.


Employees should take pleasure in interacting with the guests, not seeming as if the guest is just another problem to be dealt with.


Travel and Parking Considerations


If your meeting doesn’t require any travel for your attendees, you will want to address the hotel parking issues. If there will be another group at the property the same time you are, your attendees may have parking problems. You will also want to investigate the property’s valet parking, if available.


You will also want to address parking fees at the meeting site as well.


If your attendees are coming from out of town, you will want to address shuttle options. Find out if the property does offer shuttle service to and from the airport, as well as to off property locations, and what the charges are.


If the property does not offer shuttle services, explore other options of transportation such as private shuttle services, taxis and limousines and the cost of each and the time it will take for your attendees to travel from the airport to the property.


Hotel Rooms


When looking at the hotel rooms you will want to look for cleanliness, comfort and what amenities are offered.


For example, check the condition of the carpet in the rooms and look for wear and tear. Test the lighting fixtures to make sure they work and are properly maintained. Look at the bathroom for loose tiles and water damage.


You will also want to investigate whether the rooms are suitable for a room-mate situation. Look for two chairs, two desks, and two sinks.


You will also want to find out if the hotel can split charges between two guests in the same room if a roommate situation occurs.


Different hotels will offer different amenities to their customers. These amenities can range from the basics of providing shampoo, conditioner and a hair dryer to providing free high-speed internet access.

Here are some other amenities you will want to consider:


  •  Irons and ironing boards
  • Movie channels and charges for the movies
  • Access to a workout room, if it is on site, what the hours of operation are and if there is a fee or not
  • Room service and restaurant availability – if available and hours of operation
  • Spa access – if it is available and the fees
  • Mini-bars and refrigerator access


The Meeting Space

When doing an inspection of the meeting space, there are many considerations.


You want your attendees to be comfortable, so make sure the room is large enough to hold your group and ask to see a layout of the room with a seating arrangement for the number in your group. Also be aware of any pillars or obstacles that could block your attendees’ view of the presentation.


You will also want to look for adequate lighting, heating and air conditioning controls, and how the audio -visual equipment will be set up.


You will also want to investigate the condition of the carpeting, chairs, and tablecloths of the meeting space, as well as any chandeliers or low ceilings that may interfere with any audio visual presentations.


Site inspections can be time-consuming but will help you to determine if the property is a good fit for you and your group, making your event run smoothly and efficiently. If you’d like to add some interactive corporate entertainment to your next meeting or conference, contact us HERE for more information.