The Secrets to Hiring a Stage Hypnotist


This article will make the process of hiring a stage hypnotist who’s suitable for your event easier. I wrote this because of requests from event organizers. Consider printing this article out adding it in your organization event planning file.


Regardless of whether you plan your company’s events yourself or secure an event planning company, you should ask the following important questions.


The reputable Stage Hypnotist will appreciate your questions, and you will be more relaxed knowing that you’re securing the services of a professional. You will also be ensuring your hypnotic show will be a success and your organization will have a fun night that they will remember for years.


The Four Questions You Should Ask When Hiring a Stage Hypnotist:


1) Ask if the stage hypnotist is insured?


The professional hypnotist will be insured with a liability policy. Request a copy to confirm the policy is not expired. Amateurs will not typically make the investment to protect themselves, you, or the audience.


2) Ask if your hypnotist been professionally trained?


A stage hypnotist should have received professional training and be a member of stage hypnosis organizations such as The National Association of Mobile Entertainers. A professional is committed to continued education and can be trusted to present a safe, flawless show without any problems.


3) The hypnotist should have a demo video and track record. Ask to see them.


View the demo video, read the letters of testimonials and know what you are purchasing.


You may be receiving a show that is not tested if they have little or no track record. You can also assume that the quality and entertainment value will be low, or even a miserable failure.


4) Does the hypnotist specialize in performing for “corporate friendly” audiences?


Many stage hypnotists perform adult “comedy club” humor which might be offensive to your audience. A stage hypnotist who specializes in corporate entertainment will have a clean comedy show.


A bad hypnotic show can leave your audience bored, and unsatisfied. The wrong hypnotist can drag your entire event down! Hiring a stage hypnotist who is a professional will make you look like a rockstar!


Their answers determine their level of professionalism


You can plan an event that is safe and fun if you remember to ask these questions. You will be more relaxed the night of the program and the months leading up to it, because you will know that you’re hiring a stage hypnotist that your organization will love!


If you find the Stage Hypnotist is deficient in any of these areas, it is a sure sign they may not be a full-time professional and there may be cause for concern.  At we pride ourselves on delivering family-friendly entertainment that guaranteed to make you look great. For booking information, contact us HERE.