7 Tips to Help You Hire Entertainment for Your Event


If you’re chosen to hire entertainment for your corporate event, it can be an overwhelming task. Below are some guidelines to make the hiring process easier and more efficient.


1. Know your entertainment budget.


Know how much you can spend on entertainment before approaching entertainers to find out about their acts. What you can spend on an entertainer will often dictate the level of entertainment you get.


2. Be prepared to discuss your event goals and your budget when approaching event entertainers.


Any professional is going to be asking you questions about your event when you hire entertainment. Such as, what type of event it is, if there is a theme to the event, the timeline of the event, etc. They are determining if their act is a good fit for your group and function by doing this.


By discussing your budget with them, you are also finding out if they are within your price range. If so, then you can move on with the process, if not, you are saving everyone time.


3. Request promotional material


If you feel comfortable with them and you both agree that there is a possibility that they will be a good match for your group, ask them to see some promotional material.


The promotional material should contain testimonials from clients, a promotional video, and information about the show.


After reviewing the promotional material, you will most likely have questions for the entertainer. Get your concerns addressed and questions answered by giving them a call.


4. Request a performance agreement


The entertainer should provide you with a very basic agreement outlining the details. The who, what, and when of your event, or what you have already discussed with the entertainer will be included. What you will be required to provide for the event, such as a sound system or lighting requirements, should be listed in the agreement. It will also include what the entertainer will be providing.


The agreement should also cover travel fees, per diem charges, meals, and transportation. There should be no surprises for you as this will have been discussed prior to the agreement.


6. Keep your entertainer in the loop of any changes that may occur in the timeline of your event.


Your entertainer should be there to enhance your event. Keeping him or her involved in the changes of your event helps them to bring you the show you would like. This is especially true if they are doing any customized material for you, as well as making sure they are there on time for sound checks and the actual show.


7. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!


By using these simple steps, you should feel confident that the entertainer you have chosen is a professional. All that’s left is to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor! If you would like to contact us for your entertainment needs, click HERE.